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psychedelic spiritual
Digital Awareness
Street Style
Collage and Mixed Media
Abstract Attack

Featured Artist's Submission

Turn the light on by Cavemandd (Steve Griffith, of Canada):…

This new painting by Steve is incredible. In my opinion his best yet! He went all out this time, and achieved a bit of a masterpiece! He commented in his description:
This piece took me a long long time. I pretty much wanted a big cone of psychedelic visions erupting out of a head…

Some other paintings by Cavemandd which are already in the group's galleries:

Right in Two by SteveGriffith :thumb153489652:

NOTE: I featured this long before it was awarded with a "Daily Deviation".

Forgotten gems

+no title+ by Oreks:…

Machik by Oreks:…

Time of Rain by Oreks:…

This artist hasn't been seen nor heard from on DA in 162 weeks. He's gone, but the art's still here for us to enjoy. The top image only got 43 favs, the middle 6, and the bottom 24, in 8 years. No wonder he disappeared. But he is appreciated retroactively here, even if he got 2 Daily Deviations for other pieces! The color is really quite wonderful and impressionist. His images have a very subtle Symbolist feel that make them quite unique on DA.

Here are some other intriguing works by Oreks:

Dimin by Oreks Fodkarwlin by Oreks Abraxas by Oreks Lazarus by Oreks Everlasting Daredevil by Oreks

Featured Fav Artist!

Head in a Landscape by lung353 (Eric Penington, of USA ):…

Blue Lincoln by lung353 (Eric Penington, of USA ):…

Random from Favourites

Under-appreciated Gems

Rainforest ex-cruciate by brainwar23 (Bryan Kent Ward, of Seattle WA):…

This piece has been on DA for almost 5 years, and only has 9 favorites. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it's quite exceptional in it's way, and, to quote the artist: "This piece was inspired by a trip I took to the Amazon jungle outside of Manaus Brazil."

Check out these other visionary paintings from this same under-appreciated artist:

Energy is the Only Life by brainwar23 Ascension to Nebula by brainwar23 Burning Womb, Burning Earth by brainwar23 War God Unleashed by brainwar23 Entheogenic Garden of Eden-oil by brainwar23


Submissions Guidelines

NOTE: DON'T JUST SUBMIT STUFF HERE TO BE SEEN IN AS MANY GROUPS AS POSSIBLE! Think about if the quality is good enough (not really amateur) and whether or not it's appropriate.

IT NEEDS TO BE "FINE ART" (or transcend its genre).

People are understandably confused about what "fine art" is. Imagine you were in a bookstore: the "Literature" section is like "fine art" and everything else isn’t . (Currently DA is a bit like a bookstore in which the literature collects dust in a corner by the restroom, and greeting cards, calendars, and soft-core porn are showcased. I don’t hope to change DA, but do hope to make a group that’s different.)

To help weed out some things, here’s a handy guideline for submissions (though there can definitely be exceptions to this, and people can sometimes, as in the case of great sci-fi, transcend the genre)


○ No schlock

○ No schmaltz

○ No whopping clichÚs

○ No kitsch

○ No fan art

○ No Kawaii, Desu art (that means really "cutesy" stuff.)

○ No fractal art (It has to be done by a human. Joke! But, seriously, while fractal art is fine, there are plenty of places to show fractal art on DA, and boatloads of fractal art DDs.)

○ No facile and glib still life, landscape, or model photography (There are plenty of other places for that, and it also gets tons of DDs.)

○ No ultra femme fantasy photomanipulation art (see above about schmaltz, and besides, those corny fantasy-manips are one of the most popular types of amateur art on DA and gets tons of exposure. Feminist photomanips, on the other hand, are accepted.)

○ No emoticons. (If you think that's serious art, you ARE an emoticon.)

○ No stock photography (something creative needs to already have been done with it.)

○ No (probably blissfully unwitting) sexist erotic art (in general, blatantly politically incorrect, socially unaware, misogynistic, or just kinda’ dim horny art doesn't cut it).

○ No furries (Um, I think there are fetish and self-help groups for this kind of thing).

○ No fucking unicorns. I'm serious!

○ No wolves with giant moons behind them (giant moons in general are way overdone. And what is it with wolves and big cats anyways? Gimmie a break!)

○ No dragons (schlock fantasy art), unless they transcend the genre, like by having been eviscerated or something.

○ No cyborg babes that obviously couldn't move because you didn't really think about the anatomy, and are just milquetoast, sexist, semi-erotic art. Which isn't to say I don't LOVE cyborgs, because I do, which is part of the reason I've seen enough trendy DD type one's that would last about 1 second against, say, the Terminator, and are actually "dolls" rather than cyborgs to begin with.

○ Commercial work would have to "transcend the genre," though things like album covers in the past often did.

If you’ve done something other than the above, and you were trying to do something meaningful and it is hard to pigeonhole, and it kinda’ kicks ass but gets rejected from mainstream groups who cater to mainstream art, it might be fine art.

NOTE: If something doesn’t get in it could very well be my own flat spot. If your art is new and experimental or challenging, there’s a chance it will go over my head and I’ll miss the point altogether. You can try to explain it to me, but if that’s no use, well, you can just assume I am a fallible, limited being with personal tastes and biases. I'll try to "get it" though.



Latest Favourite Artists

Nobody clicking on your art? Here's how to get a lot of views.

Try using "Get Watchers". Here is how it works = you click on one person's art and one person will see yours. It's that simple. It's a trade. You will see one work at a time, in a custom viewer, and then you click to advance to the next one. Now you will get a view in return. Actually, you won't get a full credit for a view unless you vote on the art you are looking at, but that's painless because you just have to click on a number between 1-10.

Within 10-15 minutes you can insure that your new work will be seen 50 or 100 times. This actually works, and is the ONLY way I've found on DA to definitely get exposure for my work. When I've finished a new work I put it up and view up to 100 or so pieces by others, and that guarantees the same amount of people will view my new piece.

Mostly people seem to submit their work to as many groups as possible in the hopes of anyone seeing it, and yet it still may only get a few dozen views and a handful of favs. But if you use Getwatchers, you basically get out of it exactly what you put in.

My ulterior motive in promoting this group is that: 1) there will be more fine art in it and we can all see and promote each other's work better that way. 2) there will be more people on there in general. 3) If people sign up through me I get bonus points (as will you when people sign up through you).

Give a view, get a view. Use the link to sign up and start getting more views and favs, which means still more views…

:pointr: Here :pointl:
Hi folks. I'm really pleased with the response to my last feature. Artists discovered each other's work because of it, and half the artists whose work I shared responded already (here, on their submission page, or on my blog post). I checked and the featured images got at least 40 more views each, and a lot of those are coming from people outside of deviantart (mostly from Wordpress and Goggle+). I wasn't sure about doing a feature on my own blog, as opposed to here, but, it does have the benefit of attracting a different audience, and also allows me to easily do a lot more formatting.

I have a new folder for "Collage and mMixed Media". You can submit one piece per week.

I caught that my "Greyscale" gallery was locked in administration. Ooops. Unlocked it. It's for B&W works where being in grey is part of what makes it special.

Some pieces will appear in two places. For example, if I scouted out something and it's in the normally accruing "archive" folders, I might also copy it to the "style" folder so people can find it either way.

I featured 6 members in a post on my blog. I'd do it here, but it's too cumbersome to work out the necessary html coding to do the kind of formatting I want, which I know from doing my prior extensive journal entries. I tried copy pasting the code from my blog, but it didn't work, so, I can just notify you here of the post. Check it out if you are interested. The blog lets me do image galleries, etc.

I linked back from the images I featured to member's submission pages, and also to their own websites if they had a link.…
Quick clarification on my process and thinking about it.

This is not a dumping grounds for submissions

If you don't know already, I started this group for fine artists who get discouraged because their work disappears in the average of over 100,000 submissions per day to deviantart, and isn't given any of the attention or accolades of the sea of amateur unicorns, faeries, furries, fan art, and other frivolity. I like to show excellent work that isn't in any other group. I want there to be a place for serious art.
  1. I don't care about being popular, how many members there are, or how many views.
  2. I only care about the quality of art, and keeping it high. Yeah, it's just about the art, and I don't care about contests or any other bullshit. I want the group to be a place to discover great art. Kill me.
  3. If you submitted your work to over, say, 30 groups, I don't really need to bother showing it because it already has lots of exposure. It's like giving a loan to a millionaire.
  4. If your work is in 100 groups, I don't want it in mine (unless it absolutely knocked my socks off) because then I am showing the same thing as everyone else.
  5. If your work is in really a lot of groups, it says to me that you want to get as much exposure as possible, but at the same time it's impossible for you to be looking at much of the art in all those groups. If everyone is submitting, and no one is looking, what is the point?
  6. Traditional art is NOT synonymous with fine art. I'm not likely to show nudes, still lifes, or watercolors unless they somehow transcend the genre.
  7. I DON'T REJECT SUBMISSIONS. I hate getting rejected. It pisses me off, especially when there's some generic rejection text about "standards". So, I don't do it. If I'm not interested in something I just leave it alone. I also don't really have the heart to shoot people down when they are trying to make and share their art.
  8. Sometimes I discover something that has expired and then ask the artist for permission to include it in the group.
  9. I'm more lenient in the folder, "artist's submissions" because it signals people asked me to include their work, as opposed to the work that I scout out myself.
  10. I realize I haven't put in the time and energy I used to devote to this group. That's because I used to keep an eye on visits, and I figured out that most people just use groups to DUMP their work in, and don't even bother to look at other people's work. Yes, I got jaded and discouraged. Nevertheless, I'm keeping it going just to leave an opening in case some wonderful stuff comes along, and so people can discover the stuff I've already found.
  11. Oh yeah, sometimes I share stuff that's not quite up to my standards because I think the artist has potential and is moving in a good direction.
  12. I'm actually going to tighten my standards. I was on the verge of closing the group, but decided to just be more rigorous about what I let in. It's more of a museum than a popularity contest for the group or the artists.
  13. Rather that do conventional journal entries, which force me to type html code – what a barbarism! – I am going to try doing features on my wordpress blog, which allows for easy and attractive formatting, then bringing over the text here, and linking. Hopefully people don't mind being featured on my blog. It should expose a new audience to your work (I have over 1,000 followers, so, it couldn't hurt).

So, if I don't include your submission, don't worry about it, especially if you submitted to over 300 groups. You probably won't even notice I didn't accept it. If you haven't noticed the high quality of work I'm sharing, it's probably because you haven't looked, which means you aren't interested in being part of a community that looks at and gives feedback to other artists, in which case there's really no reason to submit to my group. I could start another group called, "Dump Art" in which everyone submits and nobody looks at anything.

The group now houses such an assortment of awesome artworks that I created folders for specific genres, in case people want to look at a specific kind of fine art.…
Surreality (for Surrealistic creations)…
Impasto (for thickly painted canvases)……
psychedelic and…
Under the influence of Bacon (for works reflecting the influence of Francis Bacon)…

I'll add more categories later (probably for collage, drawings, political works, sculpture…). The way I'm handling the galleries now is that works will go into the "fine art archive" folders, but will be copied into other specific folders periodically. Some pieces can be in multiple galleries, for example: self portraiture AND impasto. I'm a connoisseur of an array of genres and tend to like my art mixed together without preference for one particular medium, style, or content, which is why I put them all together however they may fall (which is largely dependent on when people accept my requests for their art, if they do…). But over nearly a year some kinds of works have become quite interesting themselves, such as thickly painted canvases, and so I want to showcase them in a group. I'm allowing people to submit directly to those galleries, or to "artists submissions".

Below are some gems from each gallery.


add title here by BenoitPaille…


the germ of unconscience by Mihai82000…


Clyde Barrow by LikeBenjiReadingOvid likebenjireadingovid.deviantar…


duckling by ramvillas…

psychedelic and spiritual:

Transfixion by Eric Kuns:…

Under the influence of Bacon:

porn kings by antitianvs:…

Note that I'm still getting around to the Bacon feature, but think I've already amassed the most impressive collection of Bacon influenced work on DA. In the next two weeks (looks like I have 2 weeks off of work) I hope to finish my own new addition to the gallery, and do the promised big journal entry.

Hello FAA (Fine Art Asylum) members!

I've created a folder for all the Francis Bacon influenced art that has made its way into the group:…

Bacon was an enormously influential artist, and arguably one of the very best painters of the twentieth century. For a long time he was my absolute favorite artist, before I stopped having favorites. His influence can be seen in much of my own work, and in a lot of the work of artists on DA (JJuron, Protagonist, Lung, antitivans, Andrew Newton, and RyckRudd most conspicuously). His influence may have an impact on artists who don't even know who he is (they may have absorbed it through secondary sources) but still paint geometrical shapes to enclose their figures, or obscure their features with violent swatches of paint, both of which techniques are among Bacon's trademarks.

You are encouraged to submit your Baconesque art or suggest favorites (I tinkered with the admin settings to allow submissions of favorites, and if it's Baconesque I'll easily recognize that and move it to the Bacon folder). Some artists didn't accept invitations to include their work in the group, so they are not represented, or the pieces are not represented. I'd like to change that.

After about a few weeks there will be a big journal feature with large-ish images of the best Bacon influenced work on DA. There will likely be commentary on the artists and the pieces represented, as in former features.

After that 10 of best images will be included in a poll for members to vote on their favorite.

Finally, a widget with images of the "winning" artwork, and perhaps a couple runners up, as well as thumbs of the others, will become a probable permanent feature on the group page.

If you are not familiar with Francis Bacon, below is a picture of him and one of his paintings from his "mature period".

This (the left panel of a Triptych) is one of my favorites [Three Studies for a Crucifixion, 1962]:

The next one shows the sort of geometric shapes he would surround his figures with [Triptych, Three Studies of Lucian Freud, 1969]

Bacon's studio, where it all happened

Now, if you feel like it, you can look at the "Under the Influence of Bacon" folder and see some of the similarities between his work and that of DA artists.…

Again, feel free to submit work to this folder so that I might include it in the feature and contest.

~ Eric
More Journal Entries


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The quality of fine art makes the group. Sorry, but it's my policy to not reject works. I leave them there and reconsider. Sometimes I change my mind. I don't have the heart to flat out reject people. This way stuff just times out. But sometimes I change my mind. Everyone is submitting work to tons of groups, but I feel like nobody is looking at what's in the groups. I'd like to keep a level of quality that I can control, so if people do look at what I'm showing, they're going to find very creative and interesting stuff. If that's dead to you, than so is art dead to you.
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It so good to get back in touch with Bacon and his legacy. I also think it's important to get in touch with the nothing that was his contemporary Lucien Freud, who mistook flaying and the discomfort afforded by a certain eccentricity of pose for revelation. Bacon ripped open or squeezed through a high dimensional mangle the physical to reveal the human soul in all its broken, raw distress.
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